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Smart Object Oriented (SOO) Technology

For any information and discussions related to the SOO framework, please visit our main discussion forum at https://discourse.heig-vd.ch/c/soo

SOO Concepts and Architecture

Setup and Environment

SOO Subsystems and functional blocks


  • Core subsystem <agency_core>

  • DCM (Dedicated Communication Module) subsystem <agency_dcm>

  • SOOlink subsystem

Mobile Entity (ME)

  • SO3 Enhanced Interactions <ME_so3>

  • Behavioural Patterns <ME_behaviour>

Development flow

The master contains the last released version of the SOO framework.


It is not allowed to push directly to the master. Please do a merge request as soon as your development is stable.

If you want to contribute, please first contact the maintainer and explain your motivation so that you can be granted as developer. Each development leads to a new issue with its related branch. You can develop freely, add comments along the issue and perform a merge request as soon as your development gets stable enough. A review will be done and your contributions will be merged in the master branch.

Discussion forum

A dedicated discussion forum is available for all questions/remarks/suggestions related to the SOO framework. Do not hesitate to create topics and to contribute.